Construction provides many needed jobs in California and across the United States. Some economists view the level of construction as a key indicator of a vigorous state and national economy. So it’s important for the construction industry to invest in its workforce to keep moving forward. That means equal treatment for all, adequate pay and, most of all, a safe work environment.

Title 8 of the California Code of Regulations provides for a safe and healthful work environment by setting minimum safety standards for the workforce. Anyone involved in the construction industry — employers, workers and private contractors working on federal projects — must comply with this code.

If you’ve worked on a construction site, you know the potential danger that exists. And even if your company maintains the highest safety standards, accidents can still occur. What is the best way to avoid serious injury on construction job sites? A comprehensive safety training program tops the list.

Safety training benefits employers and employees by:

  • Ensuring that safety is a key element to making any job site decisions
  • Emphasizing employee awareness and focus on the task at hand at all times
  • Matching the task to the employee with the right skill and knowledge to perform it safely

Many construction companies make the effort to meet and even exceed the requirements of Title 8. Unfortunately, some don’t. If you are a construction worker and you were injured on the job site, you should contact an experienced California personal injury lawyer familiar with Title 8. He or she can investigate to determine liability by your employer or perhaps the equipment manufacturer that took safety design shortcuts in developing its tools. Don’t wait to get help. Make the call now.

By Kevin Quinn

Posted in Personal Injury