Italy: New framework for online copyright protection is about to be launched…

The Chairman of the Italian Communications Authority (Agcom), Angelo Marcello Cardani, has recently updated the Italian Parliament on the latest initiatives of the Authority on  online copyright protection.

Further to the lively debate over this controversial topic, Agcom will present a new draft regulation on online copyright protection, which will be subject to a new public consultation.

During the audition before the Parliament, Cardani further stressed that Agcom is fully empowered with supervision and enforcement powers for online copyright protection, hoping that the Parliament will further amend the Italian Copyright Law (Law No. 633/1941) so as to adapt it to the new technological innovations.

Cardani also recognized that the development of a legal offer should be further improved and promoted, removing the obstacles that may impair a wider access to digital content. An awareness campaign should also be devised in order to educate the consumers of the negative effects deriving from the use of infringing contents.

Enforcement measures will need to be implemented, but exclusively upon complaint of the individuals/right owners (Agcom would not therefore be able to act ex officio) and not against the individuals / downloaders, as it will be necessary to focus on the infringing content rather than against the infringer. The consultation will likely be approved during the Agcom Council of July 25th.

This is no doubt a welcome step for setting up a more effective framework to regulate online copyright protection.