As previously reported on this blog, Brandon Johnson died on October 6, 2012 while a patient at the Milwaukee County Mental Health Complex for only three days. Although suffering from some psychiatric issues, he was apparently physically healthy when he entered the Complex, after being brought there by City of Milwaukee police officers. Prior to his death, Mr. Johnson had been complaining to staff at the Complex that he was paralyzed, and he had been repeatedly asking to be taken to another hospital for medical care. Because Complex staff apparently did not believe Mr. Johnson and failed to adequately evaluate him for his injuries and medical condition, they instead left him lying on a mattress on the floor or sitting in a geriatric chair during the last days of his life. After his complaints of paralysis went ignored, and apparently due to his lack of physical movement, Mr. Johnson died as a result of complications from a broken neck and resulting blood clots.

On Monday, March 4, 2013, a John Doe investigation will be conducted into the death of Brandon Johnson. Questions remain as to how Mr. Johnson suffered a broken neck while a patient at the Mental Health Complex and why doctors and other medical staff at the facility failed to provide him with the medical care which would have prevented his death. Although quite unusual, the John Doe is open to the public and will be conducted in the courtroom of Judge Jeffrey Conen, Room 413 of the Milwaukee County Courthouse, 901 North 9th Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The John Doe will begin at 1:30 P.M. on Monday and is expected to last until Wednesday or Thursday.

The civil rights attorneys of Samster, Konkel & Safran, S.C. represent Brandon Johnson’s mother and father. We will attend the John Doe proceedings to monitor the testimony and evidence, to more fully evaluate potential claims, and we will assist the family in understanding how this tragic event occurred. We anticipate providing daily updates on the John Doe proceedings on this Blog.