Judge Rader urges legislative restraint, emphasizes judicial ability to rectify litigation abuses through available tools


To a full house and rapt audience of 500 attendees at the Eastern District of Texas Bench Bar Conference in Plano, Federal Circuit Chief Judge Randall R. Rader last week delivered a persuasive and impassioned Patent Law Update.

Urging legislative restraint and caution in enacting new legislation, Judge Rader emphasized judicial competence and capability to address and rectify any litigation abuse or blameworthy conduct by litigants, including NPEs, through already available tools, such as summary judgment and exceptional case awards.

He also emphasized reducing the cost of litigation through more efficient case management, including recent model orders promulgated by the FCBA.

Judge Rader’s remarks were very well received by the audience, and his theme was echoed in many other presentations at the conference, in which more than 15 district, federal, and Fifth Circuit judges participated.

Read Judge Rader’s complete remarks here.