Lawyers cannot do "simple"


(excerpt from soon to be published "Why Lawyers Suck and What You Can Do About It" by Melody A. Kramer)

Lawyers cannot do "simple." This complaint comes over and over again in different iterations. Lawyers write documents that are too complicated to understand. They talk to people in such complicated terms that no one can understand them. They call a 25-page document a “brief.”

Truth is that lawyers don’t know how to do things in a simple matter. There are several reasons for this. First, they live and work in a judicial system that is barely beyond the Stone Age in efficiency and mentality, governed by overlapping layers of multiple sets of rules and regulations that even the best and brightest minds find hard to comprehend. . . . For example, it would be easier to invade a small country than file a court document!

We live in a society where you can order a pizza, buy a movie, and order an arsenal of weapons for home delivery with a few clicks of a keyboard or on your smartphone. Lawyers, on the other hand, work within a near Stone Age legal system governed by the most complicated and overlapping set of rules, regulations, and conventions as to boggle even the most genius of legal minds.

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