Let Us Now Praise Opposing Councel

But the Process can go a whole lot smoother and faster if the opposing

counsel knows the area well enough to tell and advise the client as to the

reality of the situation and reject spurious arguments that just waste time

and money. B.S. can be eliminated and the parties can go to the heart of the

matter. For example this firm just negotiated a severance package for an

owner and engineer of a start-up semi-conductor company. The employer

wanted to set up the client for “cause” termination to avoid paying the

severance package. But, that claim was not sustainable under the existing

case law or even the factual allegations made. Thus, in return for our firm’s

client agreeing to look at a pending third party buy out of the company for

his payment for his shares, the severance agreement was quickly reached.

This is a good example of where the stature, knowledge and experience of

the attorneys served each client well.

Bottom line, I like it when a misbehaving party has legal

representation. And, I like it even better where the opposing attorney is well

versed in the area of business law. So, let us now praise opposing counsel;

the good they do can last through the generations.

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