Littler's 2013 Executive Employer Survey


Our partner Littler Mendelson, the largest employment law firm in the world, just released their 2nd Executive Employer Survey. Some interesting industry information (gathered from in-house counsel, c-suite, and HR professionals) is included in the survey report.

A couple findings of note:

  • Social media policies are becoming more and more common, with the majority of respondents (64 percent) indicating that their companies implemented policies or rules regarding employee’s use of social media during work hours and over half (58 percent) implemented policies for social media use on employer-issued devices.
  • Our recent Social Media Toolkit provides a slew of resources to help to explain the legal landscape around social media policies, as well as a guide on creating your own company social media policy.
  • A significant percentage of respondents (66 percent) reported taking proactive steps over the past year to encourage employees to report potential misconduct or fraud internally before they report to regulators as a whistleblower.
  • In order to enable employees to report internally, it is important that they have an outlet to maintain anonymity and feel safe from retaliation. According to our 2013 Hotline Benchmark Survey Report, 52 percent of respondents used a Hotline intake method, 15 percent used web portals, with 32 percent using various other methods to report wrongdoing.  Proving multiple methods to speak out – including the ability for managers (often reported to first) to report from conversations with concerned employees – is significant in maintaining an open and honest workplace culture.