Luxury Condo and Disaster Protection


Tornado.jpgIn a recent post, we blogged about a developer who is developing a condominium comprised of safety deposit units. So far, that appears to be the smallest size unit that we have encountered. Now there is a developer in the US that is marketing what proposes to be the world’s strongest condominium. As reported on the Survival Condo website, a luxury condominium is being developed that can be used as a home and disaster survival shelter. This condominium is being constructed in a former nuclear missile silo, with a structure that was built to withstand a nuclear explosion. It is intended that this condominium will protect the owners not only from nuclear explosion, but from all kinds of potential disasters: hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, drought, floods, volcanoes, pandemics, terrorism, doomsday, etc.

This condominium will have the usual amenities found in a luxury condominium such as an indoor pool, workout room, home theatre, classroom and library, pub and game room, and internet computer. In addition there will be some unique amenities:

  • a five-year supply of freeze-dried and dehydrated survival food per person per unit
  • hydroponic gardens to produce fresh produce
  • an aquaculture system designed to provide fish for food
  • independent air supply, water supply and electricity (which includes local electric grid, a large wind turbine and a diesel generator)
  • military grade security system

The website states that several of the units are already sold, including one to a dentist/orthodontist, who we presume can provide dental services to the residents if need be (assuming that the dentist/orthodontist has the necessary equipment).

There will be seven levels in the condominium and purchasers are able to buy either a half floor or a full floor unit. Maximum occupancy for a full floor unit is ten people and maximum for a half floor unit is five people. All residents must be identified and submit to a full background investigation and are required to participate in mandatory training and familiarization visits. Unfortunately the website does not provide any information as to common expenses or how rules are to be enforced, particularly in the event of a “lockdown” disaster situation.

It will be interesting to see what other creative concepts developers will continue to introduce



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