An investigation by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has found that, since 2006, the Milwaukee Police Department ("MPD") has misreported over 900 burglaries as thefts, meaning that the crimes were not included in the city's burglary statistics. The Journal Sentinel found that, in some case, MPD supervisors instructed officers to classify crimes as thefts, even though the officers reported the crimes as burglaries. Police experts criticized the MPD's misreporting of burglaries, claiming that the misreporting violates FBI guidelines and hampers crime fighting efforts. MPD Chief Ed Flynn blamed the misreporting on a training issue with computer software. The burglary misreporting comes on top of an investigation which determined that the MPD has also under-reported thousands of aggravated assaults, meaning that those crimes were not counted in the city's violent crime rate. For more information on the latest discovery of MPD crime misreporting, see the article in the Journal Sentinel here.

The civil rights attorneys of Samster, Konkel & Safran, S.C. are disappointed to learn of this latest crime misreporting by the MPD. While an outside consultant, PRI Management Group, is currently conducting an audit of the MPD's crime reporting system, we are concerned about the independence of this audit because PRI has made public statements in support of Chief Flynn and critical of the Journal Sentinel. We believe a truly independent audit of the MPD is necessary to ensure that the citizens of Milwaukee are receiving accurate crime date from their police department.