Florida family courts consider many factors in determining appropriate child support or alimony awards. If there is a difference in the financial resources and employment capabilities between the spouses, the high earner will be required to provide financial help for a set period of time. In child support arrangements, the court expects both parents to contribute their fair share. Award formulas are based on parental incomes and amount of time each spends with the child.

In order to modify a child support agreement, you need to demonstrate that the factors used to determine the original award have significantly changed. The court may agree to modify child support if there is a 15 percent difference between the original and current calculated awards. This can occur if either parent experiences a change in income or the timesharing schedule with the children is modified.

In general, alimony awards can be modified if the financial circumstances of either party substantially change, and will terminate if the recipient party remarries. Rehabilitative alimony awards may be modified if the recipient is not complying with the plan. You may also request a change if your ex-spouse is living with someone in a supportive relationship. This may be hard to prove, but a qualified divorce attorney can make sure the court looks at all the available evidence.

Family court requires convincing evidence before they agree to modify a divorce decree. The Byrd Law Firm has helped clients get fair and just spousal and child support awards and we know how to successfully petition for modifications when necessary.