My Tips For Court Reporters And Legal Videographers Streaming To The Internet


1. Stenocast while streaming to the Internet – Always have your Stenocast box connected to a power source when you are simultaneously streaming text via the internet. 99% of the time it is not necessary, but if your computer for even a microsecond does not send power to the box, your screen might freeze or blue screen. My laptop would freeze at the end of a break when everyone was ready to go back on the record. The experts tell me it happened then because I was not sending any steno out, and the computer decided to take a nap to save energy. Being proactive and having constant power going to the Stenocast unit can save your day.

2. Letting counsel know streaming is occurring – Our firm has had occasions when attorneys have asked the court reporter to stream without the knowledge of other counsel. Our policy is to never secretly stream text, video or audio. We put counsel on notice before a streaming deposition that the court reporter will make a statement before swearing in the witness that streaming is taking place. If there is a videographer, the statement regarding streaming will be made in the legal videographer’s read-on.

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