Navigating Nonprofit Partnerships, Joint Ventures & Commercial Co-Ventures: How Arts Organizations Can Avoid the Legal Pitfalls



*Promotional and Fundraising Affiliations

– Corporate Sponsorships

– Licensing (Passive Royalty Income)

– Commercial Co-Venture

*Joint Activities

– Joint Programs Via Contract

– Subsidiary Entities

• LLCs

• Corporations

Also In This Presentation:

Managing Non-Taxable and Low-Risk Activities; Fundraising and Promotional Affiliations; Corporate Partnerships Maximizing Income; Corporate Sponsorship Income; Licensing Arrangements; Commercial Co-Ventures; Regulation of Commercial Co-Ventures: State Law; Regulation of Commercial Co-Ventures: BBB Standards; Federal Tax Law and Maximizing CCV Income; How to Approach Commercial Co-Ventures; Contract “Must Haves”; Joint Activities: Related Activities Contract Clauses; Managing Activities and Program Liabilities; Unrelated Activities; Tax and Liability Drive Structure; Taxable Activities, Liability & Attribution; Managing Liability Related & Insubstantial Activities; Managing Liability & Taxation; Separate LLCs and Corporations; Tax Implications for Separate Entity; Tax Implications for Parent Taxable Subsidiaries; Slippery Slope of Control; Tax Implications for Parent; And, Joint Ventures & Tax-Exempt Status Partnering With Non-Charitable Entities.

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