Network Interference: A Legal Guide to the Commercial Risks and Rewards of the Social Media Phenomenon (3rd Edition)

by Reed Smith

In this edition:

- Introduction

- Advertising & Marketing

- Brand Protection & Reputational Management

- Copyright (EU)

- Copyright (U.S.)

- Data Privacy & Security

- Employment Practices

- Food and Drug Administration

- Government Contracts & Investigations

- Insurance Recovery

- Litigation, Evidence & Privilege

- Product Liability

- Securities (UK)

- Securities (U.S.)

- Trademarks

- The U.S. Patent Minefield

- Biographies of Authors and Editors

- Guide to Social Media Terminology and Websites

- Endnotes

- Excerpt from Introduction:

Social media is a revolution in the way in which corporations communicate with consumers. This White Paper will help you to maximise the huge potential benefits of this revolution and protect against the inherent legal risks surrounding social media.In this document, you will find practical, action-oriented guidelines as to the state of law in the United States and Europe in the following areas: Advertising & Marketing; Commercial Litigation; Data Privacy & Security; Employment Prac