Nevada Mortgage Regulator Clarifies Wholesale Lender Licensing Requirements


On August 20, the Nevada Division of Mortgage Lending issued a memorandum clarifying licensing requirements for wholesale lenders under the Nevada Mortgage Brokers and Mortgage Agents Act. The Act prohibits anyone from offering or providing mortgage-broker services—such as making mortgage loans or buying and selling mortgage notes—without first obtaining a license. The memorandum states that a wholesale lender must be licensed as a broker if (i) the wholesale lender closes and funds a mortgage in its own name as the lender of record, or (ii) buys a mortgage loan from a mortgage broker after closing. A wholesale lender need not be licensed if it only provides a funding source for a licensed or exempt mortgage broker to close and fund a loan as the lender of record. After closing, the lender of record may assign a closed or funded loan to the wholesale lender. The Division will allow until October 1, 2012 for wholesale lenders to apply for a license under this interpretation, and it will start enforcing the licensing requirement on January 1, 2013.