Nevada’s New Business Portal Collects $100 Million In State Revenue

A little over a year ago, I wrote about the Nevada Secretary of State’s launch of Silverflume.  This innovative internet website aims to be a “one stop” portal that consolidates and coordinates the information needed to start a business.  Silverflume asks a series of questions about the type of entity desired, what it will do, where it will do it, and whether it will have employees.  Silverflume features a common business registration so that information is collected only once when interacting with different state, county and municipal agencies. Many forms can be completed and filed online.

Is Silverflume being used? It would seem so.  Last week, the Nevada Secretary of State announced that more than $100 million in state revenue had been collected through the Silverflume portal in the year and a half since its launch.

While there is a video produced by Harvard University’s Berkman Center for Law and Society that explains Silverflume, I think it is far more fun and interesting to go straight to the site to check out its features.  As a one-time Nevadan, I also find the narrator’s repeated mispronunciation of the state’s name to be exceedingly annoying.