New Firm Brings Order To Law School Recruiting Chaos - JD Match Uses Sophisticated Algorithm To Bring The Right Students To The Right Firms


Talk about entropy – random movement of molecules in motion. Just look at what happens in the law recruiting market. Law school graduates scrambling to find a firm that might hire them, much less grant an interview. Law firms trying to gauge which of these bright men and women, barely out of caps and gowns, will work best for their firms – and then judging on some vague instinct. Newly minted lawyers, many of whom have been educated for firms whose cultures are often more up-to-date than the vision of law schools that are still too anachronistic to make sense, and recruiters who too often have an idealized vision of their firms’ needs or cultures. Talents wasted, time wasted, and money wasted.

But then there is Adam Smith, Esq., brainchild of the brilliant Bruce MacEwen and the brilliant (I use these terms precisely) Janet Stanton, who have introduce JD Match -- a new firm that uses an advanced mathematical algorithm to more accurately match law firms with students who prefer them.

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