Ontario Ministry of Labour Inspection Blitzes 2013


The Ontario Ministry of Labour is conducting various safety blitzes again this year, which they recently announced. The upcoming blitzes will affect workplaces in the areas of underground mines, industrial, construction and health care. The Ministry’s inspectors will be checking on the condition and maintenance of safety equipment, worker training, the use of safety equipment and other potential health and safety hazards to help prevent workplace injuries.

Ministry of Labour inspectors will visit:

  • Underground mines to check on diesel emissions and other hazards that could affect air quality in January and February, 2013
  • Industrial and construction workplaces to check for slips, trips and falls hazards in February and March, 2013
  • Health care workplaces to check on workplace violence and harassment in February and March, 2013

According to the Ministry of Labour’s website, the blitzes will:

  • Raise awareness of health and safety in the workplace
  • Prevent injuries and illnesses that could arise from unsafe work practices
  • Check that workplaces are complying with the law

More information concerning these blitzes can be found at news.ontario.ca.