Orlando Speech by Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke: Housing Markets Must Change For US Economy to Recover


Last month, we posted about the white paper that US Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke submitted to Congress (read it here, along with the full text of that Federal Reserve white paper) and all the reactions to his submission. Some think the Fed Reserve Chairman is going too far, with Bernanke exceeding the limits of his authority with what he's suggesting to Congress and essentially promoting in his speech last week.

Because Bernanke's speech to the International Builders Group of the National Association of Homebuilders on February 10, 2012, was taken point by point from Bernanke's arguments to Congress. 

At least everyone can agree that Bernanke is a man with a mission.

In essence, Ben Bernanke is arguing that the Federal Reserve system is being hampered in its efforts to jump start the American economy because the U.S. Housing Industry is not cooperating. Specifically, the Federal Reserve Chairman is pointing fingers at the weak mortgage lending present in Florida as well as the rest of the country.

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