Own Your Content, But Distribute Widely


One of my routine considerations, is the amount of time I invest in websites that I own, versus the amount of time I invest in the websites of others.

In many cases, that boils down to the value of domain ownership - websites, blogs, and so forth. Sites where there is little question to who benefits, and if you do good things, the asset grows in value. I still believe in these types of websites. In my own little Maslow pyramid, they set the foundation and I see little value in pushing ahead without them.

But the question then becomes, what’s next? Even if we own our websites, who’s reading? who are we connecting with? One of the reasons I don’t have an issue with participating in Twitter or social networking sites is because these tools are 1) good for feedback, and 2) solid distribution channels. And while feedback is extremely important, distribution channels are becoming, in my view, almost critical.

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