Owner Drafted Indemnity Provisions: Kryptonite for designers?


Are you being asked to sign contracts that are prepared by the Owner? If so, do you have a policy in place to have each such contract, Master Agreement, or Statement of Work be reviewed by your attorney? You should. An ounce of caution is worth a pound of cure, as they say.

One of the most important contract terms to review in any contract is the indemnity provision. I’ve discussed how indemnity provisions work in the past. If you haven’t already read that post - do it now. (Go ahead, I’ll wait).

Today, I want to address indemnity in the context of non-form contracts presented to you by an Owner for execution. Generally these are presented with no expected negotiation on your part. Remember, however, that everything can be negotiated. A few small changes up front can save you lots of time and expense later if there is ever a lawsuit.

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