Patton Boggs Insights - December 2012: Litigation/Courts: Roundup of OSHA Whistleblower Cases


OSHA has filed lawsuits on behalf of six workers who alleged they had been subjected to retaliation for filing whistleblower complaints. New York-based Champagne Demolition, LLC was charged with allegedly firing an employee who reported improper asbestos removal practices at a high school. A dentist in Maine faces a charge of retaliating against two hygienists who complained about what they believed were lapses in infection control, a charge the dentist has denied. A judge ordered LOTO Services, Inc. in Florida and its owner to pay $34,186 to a former employee who had complained about a rodent problem. Businesses in Connecticut, Parker Medical and a dental practice, were ordered to pay back wages to employees. Parker, which makes x-ray devices, agreed to pay $12,000, while the dentist has consented to pay $24,630 in back wages and $5,000 for emotional distress to an employee who had complained about extremely cold working conditions.