The first cost is the court filing fee. The filing fee for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Georgia is $306.00 and for Chapter 13 bankruptcy it is $281.00.

The second cost is $50.00 to complete a credit counseling session before you file either Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 and a financial management course after you file. Our firm relies on Access Counseling, Inc. for the credit counseling session and Dave Ramsey’s Debtor Education for the financial management course. The $50.00 covers both courses for either an individual or a married couple filing

Attorney fees

The third cost you will be responsible for is attorney fees. Depending on how complex and difficult your case is, the fee will vary. In addition, some other factors that can affect the amount of attorney fees you pay include:

  • A pending lawsuit, garnishment or foreclosure
  • A judicial lien or prior repossession
  • Stripping of a second mortgage lien

The final cost occurs only in the Chapter 13 repayment form of bankruptcy. The Trustee that receives your consolidation payment is paid a commission of 3 to 6 percent.  This fee is included into your payment.

At a free consultation with one of our lawyers you will be told the exact total cost in your case before you pay anything or take any action.  Remember, it is always in your best interest to retain a lawyer before filing for bankruptcy. Don’t try and navigate through the complicated bankruptcy process alone. Let us help you understand the bankruptcy alternatives and how bankruptcy may help you build a brighter financial future.

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