In Re NSA Telecommunications Records Litigation (Al-Haramain v. Obama)

Plaintiffs' Memorandum Addressing Appropriateness and Feasibility of Motion By Plaintiffs for Summary Judgment of Liability Under 50 USC Sec. 1810


This case alleges targeting of the leaders of an Islamic charity and their lawyers by the admitted, targeted warrantless wiretapping by the NSA. It is based on a document that was accidentally disclosed to the plaintiffs by the government that the plaintiffs allege demonstrates that they were subjected to warrantless wiretapping (the exact facts are held under tight seal).

This is plaintiffs' memorandum addressing appropriateness and feasibility of motion by plaintiffs for summary judgment of liability under 50 U.S.C. Section 1810.

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Reference Info:Legal Memoranda: Motions for Summary Judgment/Adjudication | Federal, 9th Circuit, California | United States


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