A product liability lawsuit is not something that can be undertaken without meticulous preparation. Defense attorneys in product liability lawsuits likely have substantial expertise in the product and often large financial resources. Injured plaintiffs (and their attorneys) may nevertheless have one particularly significant advantage over the product manufacturer and its legal defense team.

The plaintiff may know about the potential lawsuit long before the defense is even aware of any injuries. This allows Georgia product liability lawyers to conduct a full investigation, gather evidence and prepare a legal claim before contacting the manufacturer.

If you have been injured by a defective product and suspect you have strong cause for a lawsuit, immediately contact a Georgia product liability lawyer. Typically your attorney follows these steps to prepare and file your lawsuit:

  • Gather all of the facts. It is crucial to obtain all of the information about the product including the name, address and phone number of the manufacturer, the age, model and serial number of the product, and repair history, if any.
  • Interview witnesses and obtain statements. The attorney meets all witnesses as early as possible to document everything that occurred. Written and signed statements are obtained from witnesses. The actual trial may take a few years to come to trial and witnesses may forget details. Aggressive questioning by the defense may also negatively influence how witnesses remember an event.
  • Photograph the injuries and scene. Your attorney may hire a professional photographer to take the pictures. High quality images can be key evidence at trial.
  • Consult with treating doctors. In addition to obtaining all relevant medical records from every treating physician, it is important to interview and obtain written statements from each one.
  • Retain reliable liability experts. Almost every product liability lawsuit in Georgia requires qualified expert witnesses.

Carefully following these steps will enable you to file a strong product liability lawsuit. If you or a loved one has suffered due to faulty product, it is important that you contact a Georgia product liability lawyer as soon as possible.