Regulating for Growth: Asymmetric Regulation of Electronic Communications in Emerging Economies



Regulating for Growth (RfG) is an initiative to harness knowledge and experience in the communications sector to create a series of analyses and guidelines to assist practical and ‘fit-forpurpose’ regulation of electronic communications networks and services in emerging economies (EEs).

The assumption that EEs simply ‘lag behind’ developed economies (DEs) in electronic communications infrastructure and services is no longer tenable. Even high-level analysis shows that needs and priorities differ substantially between the two groups, as does the administrative and legislative infrastructure available to implement and operate regulatory frameworks for the sector. It is often the case that EEs ‘leapfrog’ technologies, which may also make the application of DE regulatory solutions inappropriate.

Why is regulation in EEs often based on models from DEs? Are those models fit for purpose in EEs? Or are they used because they provide a well-documented framework with precedents supporting decision making?

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