It can happen in only a split second. One moment you could be enjoying life in the fast lane and the next moment, everything changes. You aren't able to move your arms or legs, and you don't know what you will do. One man that suffered a spinal cord injury decided to do something about it. Seeing that there were very few rehab facilities for spinal cord injuries, and virtually no public progressive care facilities for these injuries, the man started his own.

Although the facility is in another state, he hopes to help people with spinal cord injuries across the country, including those in Alabama. The facility will help people after they leave the hospital. Many people might not get the treatment they need to continue recovering after their initial hospital stay.

People living with spinal cord injuries in Alabama might feel hopeless after an accident. They might not know where to turn, or they don't think they will be able to afford the kind of care that could significantly help their lifestyle.

If someone suffers a spinal cord injury because of another person's negligence, they might be wise to speak with a personal injury attorney. The person who is at fault for the accident might be held accountable for the medical bills and future rehabilitation costs that are needed. If people are able to get the proper care that they need, those with spinal cord injuries can still live very fulfilling lives. Working with a rehabilitation center might be a way to retrain the nervous system and make significant progress in recovering from injuries.

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