This week, the program received national recognition. The director of Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs also offered his congratulations in praising the "life-saving program." Throughout Alabama, 45 of our 67 counties participate in the Yellow Dot program. The program was initiated 3 years ago as a means of aiding emergency responders in better providing for injured accident victims.

By placing the Yellow Dot in the back window of a vehicle, an Alabama driver is indicating that in the event of an accident, critical and timely medical information -- including allergies, prescriptions, physicians and medical conditions -- will be available in the glove compartment of the vehicle. Accompany the medical information will also be more basic information such as the name of the driver, along with an identifying photo and a list of emergency contacts.

All of this information ultimately allows the responders to give better, faster care, saving more lives in the process. As the majority of Alabama counties and drivers begin to adopt this life-saving program, Alabama can continue to set a precedent on the national scale for innovation surrounding highway safety.

Source: The Daily Sentinel, "Yellow Dot program receives national recognition," Ken Bonner, Aug. 30, 2012