SB 1530 Teacher Dismissal Bill on the Move


[author: Meghan Covert Russell]

Yesterday the California Senate passed SB 1530 (Padilla) in a 33-4 vote. The bill will now move onto the state Assembly for review. The bill passed the Senate without the proposed changes from Senate Republican Leader Bob Huff (R-Diamond Bar). 

The bill, as it stands, would significantly change the permanent teacher dismissal process.  Changes would include:

  • Allowing Districts to initiate dismissals during the summer months.
  • Allowing the introduction of evidence more than four years old for charges that involve sex offenses or controlled substances offenses as defined in Education Code sections 44010 and 44011, respectively.
  • Hearings conducted solely by an administrative law judge ("ALJ")  for charges that involve sex offenses or controlled substance offenses. The decision of the ALJ in these hearings would be advisory in nature and the final decision regarding the discipline would be determined by the school board.

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