If you are involved in a traffic accident and not belted in properly, you may be thrown against the windshield, dashboard or other hard surfaces. Ejection from a motor vehicle creates a substantial risk of fatal injury so a lap belt or shoulder strap may be the reason that you survive a collision.

California seatbelt laws

Although California law makes the failure to wear a seatbelt a primary offense, many people elect not to buckle up for safety. Primary seatbelt laws provide an independent basis for the police to stop a driver and issue a traffic citation while police can only pull over or ticket a driver in a secondary offense state if the driver has committed some other violation of law.

Seatbelts are 50 percent effective in preventing severe injury and wrongful death in car accidents involving negligent drivers, unsafe roadways, defective vehicles and other collisions. Primary seatbelt laws promote higher rates of seatbelt use. While 88 percent of vehicle occupants wear safety belts in primary law jurisdictions like California, the rate is almost 10 percent lower in states that make seat belt use a secondary offense according to the CDC.

The importance of wearing seatbelts is two-fold. While the primary function of your vehicle safety restraint system is to minimize the seriousness of your injuries, their use will also protect the value of your San Diego auto accident injury claim.

How does the seatbelt defense impact my San Diego auto accident case?

California and a number of other states recognize the seatbelt defense. Failure to wear a seatbelt is an affirmative defense in a car accident personal injury lawsuit. If the insurance company is able to establish that a reasonable person would have worn a seatbelt and that failure to wear a seatbelt resulted in more serious injuries, this may result in a reduction in damages. Expert testimony is required on the issue of one’s injuries and whether seatbelt use would have mitigated one’s injuries.

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