Seven Reasons Why Falsification of Records Does Not Pose a Major Problem in Medical Malpractice Litigations


Unfortunately, falsification of records is possibility in any medical malpractice case. I have seen a variety of attempts at this through the years. The most egregious example involved a plastic surgeon who literally created an entirely new set of office records so that he could claim that he provided my client with the appropriate informed consent. Usually, however, when medical records are altered, the result is more subtle. Sometimes an extra notation is added to a record to suggest a certain action was taken. Other times, a diagnostic report or consultation letter is removed from a physician's chart to suggest the doctor was unaware of something that should have provoked action. Occasionally, a doctor will suggest that he communicated information to a patient when, in fact, he did not.

Here are seven reasons why falsification of records does not pose a major problem in medical malpractice litigations:

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