Should You Modify Your Child Support Obligation?


In order to qualify for modification of your child support obligation, Arizona Revised Statute §25-327 requires changed circumstances that are considered both substantial and ongoing. Typically, from a mathematical point of view, a 15% change is generally regarded as satisfying this requirement - whether an increase or a decrease.

Typically, child support may be modified when one or more of the following events occur:

  1. Loss of employment;
  2. Pay raise;
  3. Additional child or children for whom either parent has a legal obligation of support;
  4. Increase or decrease of investment income;
  5. Increase, decrease, or termination of spousal maintenance payments;
  6. Increase or decrease in parenting time;
  7. Increase or decrease, or conclusion of childcare cost;
  8. Increase in health insurance premiums;
  9. Additional source(s) of income; and
  10. Change in age of child or children including emancipation.

Child support modification does not occur automatically. Any modification of child support requires a filing of a petition, service thereof and ultimately, a decision by a judicial officer.