Should your firm utilize online chat or live support?


If you are online frequently, searching for service providers or looking for answers to questions you have about products, chances are you have encountered – and perhaps used – live support. It can be handy to have someone available to answer a quick question with minimal effort on your part.

The goal of live support is to initiate contact before a visitor clicks away from your site. The chat enables a user to submit a question easily and anonymously without asking them to commit to filling out a form or making a phone call. Ideally, the representative chatting with a prospect will be able to glean some contact information by answering a few questions and making them feel comfortable with you firm’s ability to help.

To incorporate a live chat feature, most services will ask you to insert a small snipped of code on your website. The chat can be executed in a couple of ways. You could choose the subtler route and simply add a button somewhere on your site indicating whether or not live chat is available. If the user would like to ask a question, they can click to chat.

Live chat can also be integrated in a way that displays a popup when a visitor lands on your site. The chat box will invite users to talk, sometimes even by introducing the supposed chatter. “Hello, I’m Tom. Can I help you by answering any questions today?” Or, more generally, “We offer 24/7 support. Would you like to chat with a representative?”

Some attorneys have begun incorporating live support into their websites as a marketing tool. However, before your firm takes this step, you should consider some of the pros and cons... CONTINUE READING

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