As its name implies, a slip and fall accident occurs when you fall down due to an object or circumstance in your path, such as a wet floor at a grocery store. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident, the owner of the property where you injured yourself could be held liable for failing to keep safe premises. However, the injuries need to be severe enough to impact your everyday life.

What determines a property owner’s negligence

In order for a property owner to be deemed negligent, he or she must have known about the potential danger and did nothing to fix it, or failed to fix it in a reasonably timely manner. Suppose you visited a store and tripped over a display case that had fallen in front of you. Later, you learn that the department store manager was aware that the display case needed repair but didn't do anything about it. If you sustained injuries that required medical treatment, the store owner is responsible for paying those expenses. However, if you were simply not paying attention and walked into a secure store display, you would be the one at fault.

Georgia law for slip and fall cases dictates that you and the property owner may be assigned some portion of the blame. If your percentage is higher, you are not entitled to a personal injury settlement. Often, insurance companies representing the property owner try to place blame where it doesn't belong.

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