We have all seen caution signs in grocery stores and restaurants warning us the floor is wet. These signs are there to protect us from suffering injury and property owners from being held liable. Additionally, faulty handrails, ice-covered steps and crumbling stairwells should be inspected and remedied as soon as possible. If you suffer a slip and fall or trip and fall accident because of a poorly maintained property, you deserve fair compensation to cover medical expenses, lost work time and pain and suffering.

Below are the steps you need to take to obtain reimbursement after a fall-related accident:

  • Seek medical attention: No matter how minor your injuries appear to be, prompt medical care is essential to make sure you did not suffer a more serious injury than it seems. Your medical records are also critical evidence in your case.
  • Gather Evidence: Did anyone witness the accident? If so, obtain the names, addresses and other contact information of any witnesses. If you have a cell phone or camera, take photographs of the scene of the accident and anything else that contributed to your injury.
  • Contact a lawyer: Next, you need to speak with an experienced attorney. Never worry about understanding the law or how to file a claim. Personal injury lawyers dedicate their lives to empowering accident victims. Our lawyers can assess your case and assist you in filing a claim so you can rebuild your life.

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