An out-of-state man that broke his neck, fracturing and shattering multiple vertebra, in a water slide accident this past July, is still in an intensive rehabilitation facility and is not likely to go home until Nov.

With the man returning home, modifications will have to be made to their house to accommodate for a wheelchair. Further, the long stays in hospitals and rehabilitation facilities have created a mountain of medical expenses. The man's church has been helping support the family, and a close friend of the victim is also committed to help, saying, "I decided to set up a fund for people to help with expenses so they don't have to worry about paying the mortgage, taxes, food, heat, etc."

The friend made the first $1,000 donation, the entire sum of money he earned from his crop stand this season. The injured man has a wife and two small children, but no insurance. While it is wonderful news that the man does have a chance at walking again at some point, it will be an uphill and financially difficult battle.

In Alabama, the most common cause of catastrophic injuries like spinal cord injuries are motor vehicle accidents. In instances where a victim is critically injured due to the actions of a negligent party, the injured could chose to hold the liable accountable and pursue financial remuneration as a means of aiding with staggering medical expenses and long-term care costs.

Source: My Elanco News, "Reinholds man spearheads effort to aid critically injured friend," Carole Deck, Oct. 23, 2012

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