State Banks and Servicers Provide Post-Hurricane Mortgage Relief in New York


On November 7, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that several major state-chartered banks and mortgage servicers are offering a range of relief for borrowers impacted by Hurricane Sandy. While the particular relief may vary by institution and borrower circumstances, the following types of relief generally are being offered: (i) 90-day postponement of foreclosures and evictions, (ii) 90-day waiver of late fees on mortgage payments, including online payments, (iii) 90-day or more forbearance on mortgage payments where the borrower has been impacted by the storm and is seeking relief, (iv) waiver of interest where a refinancing transaction has been closed, but not funded, (v) late payment relief for borrowers in a trial modification, and (vi) suspension of notification to credit bureaus if borrowers make late payments. Additionally, a state order prohibiting the termination, cancellation, or non-renewal of homeowners’ insurance policies for 30 days started October 26, which means servicers cannot force place insurance on any homeowner who had insurance in effect as of that date.