State Law Update: Michigan Excludes Certain Loans From State Mortgage Laws, Extends Loan Modification Program


On December 22, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder signed three bills—SB 1283, SB 1284, and SB 1285—to exclude from state mortgage laws, including its predatory lending law and loan originator licensing act, any loan transaction in which the proceeds are not used primarily for a personal, family, or household purpose. The changes took effect immediately. On December 28, the Governor executed SB 1172, which extends until June 30, 2013 a law enacted in 2009 to create a residential mortgage loan modification program. The program provides for a 90-day moratorium before a mortgage lender may pursue a non-judicial foreclosure against a delinquent borrower, during which time the borrower must be given an opportunity to modify the loan. Under prior law the program was scheduled to sunset on December 31, 2012.