State Senator Tim Keller Introduces Legislation to Appoint NM PRC Commissioners


[author: Albright, Jeffrey]

State Senator Tim Keller has introduced proposed legislation to revamp the way Commissioners at the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission are selected.  Following a series of scandals, including felony convictions of two of its recent Commissioners, Senate Joint Resolution 2 (SJR 2) would have the Governor appoint the members for 5-year staggered terms.  The legislature would have a nominating committee evaluate applications of qualified individuals to serve on the Commission.  That committee would make recommendations to the Governor.  The proposed resolution would also set minimum education requirements -- requiring either a baccalaureate or more advanced degree from a regionally accredited post-secondary educational institution or at least five years of relevant professional experience as determined by law.  If passed and signed by the Governor, SJR 2 would still require a change to the state Constitution, since the present election process was approved by the legislature and passed as a Constitutional Amendment in 2001.  As proposed, the legislation would not affect Commissioners elected in 2010 or 2012.

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