Strong Points Summer 2011


We proudly announce that we are the "Best of the Woodlands 2011" 1st Place Winner for Best Law Firm !!!

In this edition:

Latest News: The latest in activities of the firm in the news and our community.

Oil and Gas Transactions: What $100 per Barrel Crude Does to "Grease" Oil and Gas Deals: Bret Strong examines the increase in gas prices and the effects it has on our exploration and production clients.

"Marking" Your Territory: Enforcing Your Trademark Rights Against Infringers: A look at the rights afforded to your business when it comes to protecting your business name and reputation.

Entity Formation as a Way to Shield from Liability: Mariana Grijalva explains how we can protect ourselves from liability issues by forming the appropriate entity.

Purchasing Real Estate Prior to Foreclosure: The second in a series of discussions on one of three common ways of purchasing properties in the various stages of foreclosure.

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