Summary of FERC Meeting Agenda - October 2013


In This Issue:

- Administrative Items

- Electric Items

- Gas Items

- Excerpt from Gas Items:

G-1: Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company, LLC, Docket Nos. RP12-514-000, -001, RP11-1566-013, RP11-2066-002 -

On March 23, 2012, in Docket No. RP12-514-000, Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company, LLC (TGPC) submitted Scheduling Priority pro forma Tariff records to revise TGPC’s secondary in-the-path scheduling priority in accordance with the Stipulation and Agreement approved by the Commission in TGPC’s section 4 rate case in Docket No. RP11-1566. Many parties filed protests in the RP12-514 proceeding, and on January 17, 2013, the Commission issued an Order Establishing Technical Conference to discuss the issues and concerns raised by TGPC’s proposal. The Technical Conference was held in April 2013, and many parties filed comments stemming from the technical conference. Additionally, on April 19, 2012, the Commission issued an Order Clarifying, Granting in Part, and Denying in Part, Requests for Rehearing and Conditionally Accepting and Rejecting Tariff Records submitted by TGPC in Docket Nos. RP11-1566 and RP11-2066 seeking to increase transportation and storage rates and to revise certain non-rate provisions in its Tariff. Rehearing of certain findings in the April 2012 Order was requested by several parties. Agenda item G-1 may be an order on rehearing and/or clarification in the dockets.

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