Are you having a hard time concentrating on work today? Sure, that's a normal Monday problem, but since tomorrow is the last day to file taxes in the U.S., it's likely that millions of Americans have their minds on the stress of filing today. And according to a study by Canada researchers stress does more than cause filers to lose sleep and ability to concentrate.

Tax day leads to relatively dangerous roads throughout the country. There are some theories as to why more fatal wrecks occur on tax day, but no matter which theory is true, the most important point to focus on is how we as individuals can prevent car accidents tomorrow and on tax days to come.

Reuters reports on the study that appears in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Researchers compared the rates of fatal motor vehicle accidents and found that the rate increases by 6 percent on the last day when taxes are due, which is April 17 this year -- tomorrow.

The following are various theories regarding the increased crash rate:

  • Drivers are more tired than usual due to late-night filing and stress
  • More drivers are on the roads and headed to the post office, a location that is not part of their daily driving routine
  • The stress of taxes makes drivers crabby and more aggressive on the roads

The rate of fatal accidents on tax deadline days is similar to the increased rate on Super Bowl Sundays. Too much fun on the game day leads to DUI accidents, while too much stress and distraction leads to accidents on tax day.

Though the reasons behind the increased accident rates during those days are different, the lesson is the same: Traffic safety must be a top priority every day of the year. Irresponsible driving is deadly whether it is fueled by alcohol or stress. Drive safely tomorrow and buckle up.

Source: Reuters, "Another grim link between death and taxes: fatal car crashes," April 11, 2012