Why is driving defensively so important?

Defensive driving is the art of paying attention to and responding to fellow drivers on the road in order to avoid accidents. Individuals who take defensive driving courses learn essential skills that can help them to stay safe on the road. Knowing how to respond to the actions of other drivers while under pressure can help any driver avoid accidents.

Completing a defensive driving course can also help you as you work to have a traffic ticket dismissed. In many situations, drivers who complete a defensive driving class aren't penalized with points on their driving records. Avoiding such points is key to keeping your insurance rates low.

Should I contact a lawyer before taking a defensive driving course?

If you have received a traffic ticket or have been involved in a minor collision, you may be given the option to complete defensive driving school to keep a traffic ticket off your record. To ensure that you understand your rights when going to court, it's important that you contact an experienced Southern California attorney as soon as possible after receiving a ticket.

Your attorney will walk you through the process of going to court regarding your ticket. He or she can advise you regarding your defensive driving school options. Remember that taking a defensive driving course shouldn't be viewed as a type of punishment. Consider such courses an opportunity to learn how to protect yourself while on the road.

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