The Business Owner's Pocket Guide


Passion. It represents the difference between building something great and just mailing it in. Entrepreneurs have it. And I think the people who have taken the time to crack open this Guide in search of a nugget or two to make them better at what they do – they have it too. It is these people, those with a passion for business, to whom this Guide is proudly dedicated.

But passion alone does not guarantee success. In my experience, the stumbling block for businesses often comes in the form of issues lying outside the founders’ expertise. The critical question becomes: “What will the founder do?” Will she try to work through it alone, or look outside herself to find new solutions? In other words, the challenge faced sooner or later by every business striving to take it to the next level lies

in the selection and/or expansion of a team.

Each day in my practice, I have the privilege of working with privately held companies of every size and description. I see how the solutions crafted by those teams – ranging from expansion through the purchase of a competitor or the buying out of a partner to the firing of an underperforming employee -- mark the difference between a surviving company and one that thrives. I have tried to explain the basics of many of those issues here.

As you proceed through this Guide, I hope you will pick up an idea or learn more about a concept that, even in small measure, helps you and your business travel well along your chosen road.

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