The CRTC's Matching Speed Decision: What's Good for the Gander May be Toxic for the Goose



In a Decision released on August 30th, the CRTC has confirmed that Canada's major telephone companies must make their existing wholesale high-speed internet access services available to competitors under a "speed-matching" requirement. "Speed Matching" is a regulatory requirement that applies to phone companies (referred to by the CRTC as “incumbent local exchange carriers”, or “ILECs”) who offer broadband internet access to residential customers. The CRTC applies similar rules to cable companies when they act as “cable carriers” in offering high speed internet access via their cable facilities. Under the speed matching rules, the ILECs and cable carriers must ensure that internet speeds provided to smaller companies that rent portions of the ILEC and cable carrier networks (known as “wholesale” services) match the speed that the ILECs and cable carriers offer to their own retail customers.

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