The Difference Between An Accident And An Act Of Negligence

Car accidents seem to be a part of our life, but they do not need to be. Car accidents largely result from negligence or intentional acts that have devastating consequences. Each year 35,000 victims meet their death on roads all across our country. Many of these deaths are preventable, and innocent victims are killed.

A large number of these deaths would be classified as wrongful because there is negligence at play. Most typically this negligence manifests itself in the form of drunk driving or distracted driving. However, sometimes it is not the offending driver that is solely negligent, because in some cases the auto manufacturer could also be considered negligent if the vehicle was poorly designed or defective.

While auto manufacturers test vehicles for safety, a recent report indicates that it is possible the 45-year-old design for crash test dummies could be contributing to a continually elevated number of traffic fatalities. Some are suggesting that these crash dummies were developed in a manner that when they are tested, the results are not accurately reflective of how a real driver or passenger would be impacted in a wreck.

Accordingly, these dummies could be skewing results to make the vehicles seem safer than actuality. According to one auto safety expert, if the dummies used were more accurate to what a real human is like, the potential injuries yielded would be higher and thereby the safety rating lower. In such a case, manufacturers might go back to the drawing board to improve the vehicle before selling it.

As it stands, some think that because these testing methods are not entirely reliable, many individuals are driving vehicles that are unsafe and ultimately lead to fatalities from accidents. Many are hoping that the safety testing will be modified to include a computer modeled driver that will be able to better assess how an individual would react to varying impacts.

Source: Claims Journal, "Outdated Crash Test Dummies Blamed for Continued Auto Fatalities," Denise Johnson, Dec. 18, 2012

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