The document that dooms US port security


The intertwined geo-economy makes world ports security vital.US ports are insecure. The insecurity lies in the dysfunctional Transportation Security Administration and its pathological fixation on the Transportation Worker Identification Credential—the US maritime hobgoblin.

TWIC is the product of a naive, panic prone Congress in 2001, faulty premises, illogical construction, incompetent management, contractor pseudo-morality and bureaucratic hubris.

The TWICsters—each a true believer of the Society for the Propagation of Orwellian Values—are Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, bustling Port of Arizona; FBI hack Airport Johnny Pistole; and John Schwartz, TWIC Factotum-in-Charge.

They have no clue. They continue ranting publicly — when they appear — at clear evidences that TWIC fails fiscally, in security, politically and in policy and is unworthy of funding, respect or support from any quarter.

How can this be? TWIC arose from Cold War thinking and a system refined by Admiral John Poindexter of the National Security Agency. The NSA listens to foreign communications. After September 11, 2001, Adm Poindexter proposed that all communications should be collected. Geeks would secure the US in Total Information Awareness. Congress blinked and killed TIA, which reappeared in a horde of smaller programmes conjoined more subtly.

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