In the Matter of J&R Research Corp

The FTC alleged that the litany of claims J&R made in advertising the company's nutritional supplements were unsubstantiated by reliable and competent scientific evidence.


J&R Research and the FTC agreed that J&R would restrict the health claims advertised about J&R's products in exchange for the FTC withdrawing it's complaint against the company. J&R made a variety of claims that its products cured or treated a significant number of health problems, such as diabetes, arthritis, lupus, stroke, high blood pressure, and others. The FTC claimed that there existed no competent scientific evidence that supported the company's effectiveness claims. In settling the dispute, J&R agreed to no longer advertise certain enumerated health benefits without corresponding scientific support. Additionally, the company agreed to cease using customer testimonials that are not typical or ordinary without disclosing the generally expected results or the limited applicability of the endorser’s testimony.

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Reference Info:Federal, 8th Circuit, Iowa | United States

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