The Italian Communication Authority (Agcom) on Machine-to-Machine services

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Yesterday the Italian Communication Authority (Agcom) launched a survey on Machine-to-Machine communications services (M2M).

M2M services are technologies and/or services that enable automated data transfer between two or more devices or applications, provided that no human interaction is required. 

The Authority underlined how the potential number of M2M applications may have a big impact on the communication market, as said applications can be based on mobile and/or fixed networks.

The survey is mainly aimed at assessing whether the current regulations are adequate to guarantee the development of new services or an ad hoc legislation should be implemented.  This is a welcomed initiative, which may prove useful particularly if the final report will also identify additional measures to promote new services and technologies applications. This topic also involves relevant data protection issues (it would be good to see a joint consultation involving more Authorities!).

The survey will last for 120 days from the date of the publication on the Agcom website.