The Litigation Graphics Lesson in the "Wealth Inequality in America" Video


I always like to share examples of what I consider powerful graphics to give attorneys ideas on what’s possible to create for use in litigation. This morning, I was struck by a video going viral that describes economic inequality in the United States. Regardless of your politics, and whether you believe that the widening gulf between the poor and super-rich is a serious problem or mere propaganda of the Occupy Movement, I hope you’ll watch this video because it’s a fantastic example of how to show data in an effective and engaging way. In particular, if you’re an attorney who presents cases with large amounts of economic facts and figures, you’ll want to see how this video combines storytelling with clean, simple and powerful data visualization techniques. ... Imagine trying to follow, understand and remember this data if you had your eyes closed and just listened to the narrator, without watching the video. It would be a lot harder—and less interesting—to follow, wouldn’t it? The same is true when attorneys present fact- and number-heavy arguments to jurors. Without visual aids, the jurors have a more difficult time following along. Visual aids—especially dynamic, clean graphics that build an engaging narrative—help the attorney hold the jury’s attention and drive the point home.

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