The New Bulk Sales Notification Requirements and Their Application to New Jersey Real Estate Transactions - Part II


Based upon the findings of the Tax Court in N.J. Hotel Holdings, Inc. v. Dir., Div. of Taxation, 15 N.J.Tax 428, 437 (Tax Ct. 1996), the New Jersey Division of Taxation is enforcing recent changes in the New Jersey bulk sales notification requirements contained in N.J.S.A. 54:50-38 on the basis that such requirements apply to deeds in lieu of foreclosure (“deeds in lieu”) of real estate accepted by lenders, regardless of the fact that no monetary consideration is being received by the lender. If N.J. Hotel Holdings, Inc. is upheld it will mean that a lender who fails to comply with the bulk sales notification requirements before accepting a deed in lieu will be deemed by statute to have assumed liability for payment of all of the borrower’s outstanding tax obligations to the State of New Jersey.

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